Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easy and Simple ways to use technology.

Ready, Set, GO!

There is a world of technology right at our fingertips. It is up to us as educators to use and implement new ways of learning and teaching. Today I am introducing two topics. First off, do you notice that funny looking black and white box? Well this is what we call a QR code. To make one of these is simple, but first you need to know what it is.
 A QR Code is just another way to seek more resources. The next time you are out in public look around you, and I bet you can find at least 10 of these. They are used to real you (the consumer) in. Stores use them for you to find coupons, they are used in books for you to find more information on a particular subject, and in many more ways. In this case I am using it to inform you about how important I pads are, and how resourceful they can be in a classroom.
Now how do you make on of these fancy QR Codes? Well all you do is find a web page or blog that you would like people to go to copy the URL then go to a QR generator like this one:  and paste it in the URL box. Then there it is ready for you to upload to any document you would like. A perfect example of a way you can use this is, a preschool newsletter. For example this week/month there is just way to much information, but you would really like parents to have that extra article on potty training or behavior management, or maybe you are keeping a blog about classroom activities. Just upload one of these to your newsletter and now you have more information at parents fingertips.

If you do not have a QR scanner on your I pad or a smart phone you can still click on the web link below the code to look threw all the great videos about how I pads are creating success in preschools.
I have recently talked to several preschool teachers that frequently use I pads in the classroom. For example one teacher used an app to show children different types of musical instruments and how each one worked. Students were then able to see the instrument and make music.
Think about some ways you may add using a QR code or an Ipad in your classroom.

Christa McCaulley

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Monday, March 4, 2013


By: Christa McCaulley 
When was the last time you stepped into a classroom? Did you look around at all? How were the desks arranged? What was the overall feel of the room?

Did it look like this?
Photo by: evmaniden

Or did it look like this?

Ask yourself...Which room would you like to be in?

Check out this blog, and click on the video.
After viewing this video it finally hit me. We need to be the change in the classrooms, not the children. Technology is not just a phase, cell phones and computers are not going to go away over night. So why not take advantage of these tools and build upon them in the classroom? Give your students freedom (with limits of course) in the classroom. I think you would be amazed what happens. When students are not paying attention or dozing off to sleep the next time during your lesson, why not instead of blaming them, ask yourself What can I do to help?
If you give your students a computer you are essentially giving them access to a world of resources. To be honest they are already using them at home, and probably know more than us. So lets get caught up and be the change that our students are bagging for.

(Photo #1 credit to evmaiden from, photo #2

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st, 2013

  Here I am being professional and adding another notch on my belt of technology. I am very excited about learning new ways to bring technology to the classroom. So many times I have heard teachers complain about technology...well I am here to say WE NEED TO BE THE CHANGE! We need bring new and exciting learning tools to the classroom. Students are using tools like You Tube, Facebook, twitter, and of course the Almighty cell phone on a regular basis. Why are we not taking advantage of these tools already? This blog is going to be a great tool for me and I hope all of you. I hope that I can learn more about NEW inventive technology and how I can use it in the classroom. 

Hope you enjoy! 
Christa McCaulley