Monday, April 22, 2013

Engaged Learning

I have talked before about how we as teachers need to be the change in the classroom. Along with the fact that technology is not going away so therefor we must embrace it.
*Did you know that by 2016 China will be the largest Country whose dominate language will be ENGLISH! Not America, but China. -This is mainly because of the technological advances and resources that they are taking advantage of.
Trying to get students to become engaged can be tricky but it is our job as teachers to find ways to keep them engaged. I ASK YOU! Why are we not using what they love to help them stay engaged? Giving them ways to use technology in the classroom is giving them more opportunities to CREATE, and LEARN. Do all of us learn in the same way? No! some learn through auditory learning, visually learning, and most importantly students learn through doing. Let's give students the opportunity to be prepared for the future. Wouldn't we all rather create something that is fun, exciting, and engaging on a computer like a digital story rather than writing one?

Check out this video.
See how much more exciting it is for students to use technology, and they are learning just as much if not more while doing this. They are still required to write out a script, but then they get to transform it into something so much more than just a required report. There is a world of technology and possibilities out there, and children are begging us to help them use it.
A STUDENTS VISION! Here is another video to check out. It really helps us put into perspective the change that is needed today.
There is great research out there that has proof that technology is giving students so much more than a distraction at school. It builds self-esteem, helps them to communicate more effectively, and most importantly helps them to think critically.
Check out this web cite for more details of the effects of technology. Effects of Technology


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It is very important that we TEACH our students and or children the effects of cyberbullying. So many times I have heard teachers and parents tell children that they are to not use social media or have taken cell phones away in cases of bullying, but in reality the students are not learning anything when they do that. Students are going to use social media and cell phones, technology is not going to go away.
We do however have the ability to teach students how to use technology like cells phones and social media appropriately. Not only do we need to teach how to be appropriate on -line but we also need to guide our students in knowing what to do if they are the victims of cyberbullying.
This is not to scare anyone away from using technology, but it is to prepare ourselves and students how to deal with the topic of cyberbullying.
Watch this video to learn some of the effects and facts on cyberbullying.

 Teach students how to report the bullying whether it be on Facebook, talking with a school guidance counselor, or if needed contact your local police station about what to do.
Take a look at some resources that help educators and parents teach students to take a stand against cyberbullying.
Video is under Creative Commons at You Tube.