Monday, November 11, 2013

A Whole New World

A world of second life...
When I was told we were going to dive into "second-life" I was skeptical, because once again it was something I was not very familiar with, and wasn't sure I would get anything out of it. I am still navigating my way through the process, and learning how to modify my avatar and other things like walking, running, and flying. One thing I am seeing is how much fun people can have in the alternate world.  Overall I am seeing that there is a possibility of me enjoying it, but most importantly I see how second life could be a platform for learning in schools, and at home. I see how there can be different quests set up for students to go on for homework, and I can see how it could become a place for students to go for down time, and a place for them to truly be themselves.
Ill keep you posted on how this process goes.
Christa McCaulley

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Importance of Collaboration

This last week I was asked to collaborate while continuing my gaming experience.
While playing Kingdom Rush which I mentioned before was my first gaming experience ever, I learned to stragize on my own which was successful most times but, then something happened I got STUCK! I kept trying and trying over and over again. It was almost like my professor Dr. Z planned for me to get stuck, but I digress... while seeking out for collaboration, my partner was unavailable, so I remained stuck for several days. I then began to see the benefits of playing multi-player games or team oriented games.
 I make "fun" of my husband frequently because almost every night at our house it sounds like he is leading a troop through the Tundra on some crazy mission. While being stuck on my game I realized he is so lucky to have all that support right at his finger tips. He is constantly checking out tips and tricks to help his team members get through each level of a game, and in turn they are very successful.
I finally passed the level I was stuck on by seeking help from another class member. During my struggle I was so frustrated that I could not find help, and that my methods were not working. Then I had a thought What if this is what student's in today's classrooms are experiencing? They play games at home where they are collaborating together constantly, but then they get to school and struggle because they can't find the help they need to become successful. I know that in just two weeks of playing this game I experienced so much frustration because I wasn't finding any help. I couldn't imagine being a student and feeling the same way with math, reading, or history. So if I can't imagine a child feeling as frustrated as I was than why don't I change that? Better yet, we can all change that. Give students the same style of learning that they are using while playing games. I know it sounds crazy, but just think for a moment how great if would be if your students could be as excited about a math problem as they are with attacking the next round of zombies in their video game?

Students today who are playing video games have better logistical skills. Watch this video for more information.

Check out this clip where students are using gaming in the classroom, and LEARNING!
Happy Gaming everyone! Remember...become the change!