Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Common Core and 21st Century Learning

Today I listened to one of the most interesting webinars about how to utilize technology into the core curriculum. The panel consisted of some truly amazing teachers that really took the title 21'st Century learning seriously. I have never been more inspired to teach students. In all honesty it wasn't even the teachers that impressed me the most it was the students that were creating such amazing ideas. They had a passion for learning, and that is what this is all about. Why are the teachers the only one's that need to be passionate? I have news for you...the Students are teaching us! We are just along for the ride, and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to become successful.
The main topics that were covered in this hour long web 2.0 event were about 10 different classroom projects that teachers in the US were implementing in their classroom's, and how they were related to the common core. After watching this I had a moment of realization. I think sometimes we as teachers get to caught up in how or what we teach is going to meet a standard. I think what we need to be doing is brainstorming, and letting our students tell us what they want to learn about, and then after lesson development we will see that the standards are already being covered and met.
I saw so many ideas that I am so excited to try in the classroom.
Take a look and see. I promise you that even if you just have time to watch the first 15 minutes you will find something to implement in your classroom or an idea will spark.

One of my favorite ideas was where third grade students found a topic they found interesting by being involved in the Global Collaboration. They found a passion for saving Hippos and wanted to know why they were endangered. All of this started because they were talking with another teacher in another state who was showing pictures of Hippos from her recent vacation. It is amazing how the third grade mind works. All we need to do as teachers is once again provide the resources, and they will be taking responsibility for their own learning. 

Second Life

Take a trip around the world with me. I wanted to take a trip that was going to be fun, but teach me something...and hopefully this virtual field trip will teach you something as well. So buckle up and get started. Take note to the time I took to give you a history lesson through these virtual places but also an art history lesson.

Holocaust Museum : A great way to discover deep meaning of a historical time.

Italy: Travel the city and see the amazing attention to detail, where everything is life like.

Paris: A great way yo explore the city in second life, and still grasp the culture.

Valo Gallery :  The gallery is a space for interesting art phenomenons and thought-provoking exhibitions in all means of art.

Garden Gallery:100 colorful abstract and modern art pieces by artists from around the globe

Spanish Gallery Spanish language community to help newcomers to Second Life, including tutorials, daily classes, cultural activities, festivals, live music and more

Legend of China The buildings and ships are all accurate to the period, and the center shop carries everything you need to feel like a Chinese dignitary from a long-forgotten dynasty.

1920's Berlin ProjectTravel back in time to this big city during an amazing era. 

Virtual Gettysburg :Virtual Gettysburg 1863 is an American Civil War museum featuring a reproduction of the Gettysburg battlefield. 

I hope you enjoyed your trip...thanks for taking this history lesson with me!