Thursday, November 13, 2014


I recently watched the movie Crash and I was amazed about how relevant this subject is still today and its been almost 10 years since it came out. We cross paths with people everyday, probably the same people. Do we notice them? I walk the same path almost everyday to my classes, and after a while I do start to notice the familiar face, the girl that always has her nose in her phone, the guy that holds the door open almost every morning as we walk in. But what I don't think about is how we are related in many ways. This movie Crash opened my eyes to the fact that no matter where we are in life, the paths we cross are in some way familiar to many of the same people.

There are so many interesting scenes in the movie but the one that stuck out to me the most was the scene with the cops pulling over the African American couple, and when the couple does everything they are told to do the cop proceeds to use force, and molest the women. While watching this scene I was disgusted by the content and really by the fact that the cop was in reality racial profiling.

Here is the scene if you would like to watch...Be advised this movie is rated R

What happened in this scene and all throughout this move was thought provoking, disturbing, and still very true for today. This movie made me think of the show What would you do? and I found a clip that I believe is relevant to this movie. 

So What would you do? Isn't it time we came together and put a stop to this? 

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