Saturday, December 13, 2014

First Time Felon

When I sat down to watch the movie First Time Felon this afternoon, I had no idea that I would feel the way I felt when the movie was over. This movie is not only about a felon who needs to suffer the consequences, but it is also about a man who strives to change his ways in world that is not always willing to help those willing to change. 

My favorite quote in the movie is "It is not our job to straighten you out, it's yours...It is your responsibility." Even though this quote was incredibly appropriate for the situation of a felon, I found it powerful in the since that we are all responsible for straightening our own lives out. No matter what we do in life it is still up to us to be the change we want in life.

My "favorite" scene in the movie is also my least favorite scene in the movie because it shows how unwilling we as a society are sometimes at giving people a chance to be the change in their life. Even when this man is at his last resort and tries to just be himself and express his desire to change, this women still refused him a job, when she clearly had one to give him.
I'm not saying that it should be easy for a criminal to receive a job, because there are some criminals that deserved jail time, and should have to suffer those consequences. On the other hand I feel that it is very rare when a person fresh out jail/boot-camp desires a fresh start and wants to stick to it.

This movie taught me that in life everyone makes a few wrong decisions...what changes your life is if you get caught making that bad choice. I feel that there needs to be more programs set up for felons that are re-entering the work world, and I do agree that it does depend a lot on the what the crime was, but I don't think that should change the opportunity that one deserves to make it right.

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