Monday, December 15, 2014


Changing your perspective on the world of Gaming

So many people (myself included) at times have such negative perceptions of the gaming world. Well if you have just watched the video I posted about how gaming is shaping the creativity in our youth than I hope that your perspective has changed in the last 12 minutes. In my opinion creativity is something that can'not necessarily be taught, but can be inspired, and the world of gaming is the perfect place for that creativity to be inspired.

Creativity is dying, and along with that so is innovation. Yes, there are very brilliant minds out there, but the innovation that lies behind the creative mind is often too many times ignored. So before you tell your students or even your child or significant other to stop playing those stupid games...Stop and think to yourself without creativity we would not have innovation, and without innovation we would still be back in a world of dial up internet, not seeing relatives till the holidays (skype), and waiting much to long for a cup of coffee, when really you just want one cup (Keurig).

So what are you waiting for? Go, get innovating! 

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