Monday, December 8, 2014

Wag The Dog

Wag the dog...More like chase the tail. 

I recently watched the movie Wag The Dog. I was slightly amused, but more so I was disturbed that life could very much be like this in the political world. To catch you up for those of you who haven't seen it (considering it came out in 1997) watch this trailer of the film.

While you are watching think and ask yourself, could this happen in today's society? Or is it already happening? 

What a film right? Now could the President pull off a real war in today's' society? I really don't believe so, considering all of the social media we have, but I do believe that because of social media things similar to this could happen. Think about the millions of stories we hear when its voting we have any clue if half of them are real? or are they just trying to distract us from the truth?
This made me think of Ebola...Yes Ebola is and was a very scary outbreak, but have you ever thought that maybe with how big the story got they were really trying to hide something else? Who knows, it could be possible.
I encourage you to watch this film. Even though it is an older film its shines light on how visuals play such a huge role in how we as society react to what we hear. Nobody starts to overreact until there is a film made, a photo posted, or a video uploaded whether it is a positive or negative reaction...Nobody reacts until they see it with their own eyes.

Here is another clip as I leave you...It's an older post but it just proves to us that there are people that believe that there is propaganda and that there is always a hidden message behind the story they are selling on TV.

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