Thursday, November 13, 2014


I recently watched the movie Crash and I was amazed about how relevant this subject is still today and its been almost 10 years since it came out. We cross paths with people everyday, probably the same people. Do we notice them? I walk the same path almost everyday to my classes, and after a while I do start to notice the familiar face, the girl that always has her nose in her phone, the guy that holds the door open almost every morning as we walk in. But what I don't think about is how we are related in many ways. This movie Crash opened my eyes to the fact that no matter where we are in life, the paths we cross are in some way familiar to many of the same people.

There are so many interesting scenes in the movie but the one that stuck out to me the most was the scene with the cops pulling over the African American couple, and when the couple does everything they are told to do the cop proceeds to use force, and molest the women. While watching this scene I was disgusted by the content and really by the fact that the cop was in reality racial profiling.

Here is the scene if you would like to watch...Be advised this movie is rated R

What happened in this scene and all throughout this move was thought provoking, disturbing, and still very true for today. This movie made me think of the show What would you do? and I found a clip that I believe is relevant to this movie. 

So What would you do? Isn't it time we came together and put a stop to this? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ethics And The Media

This week in my Visual Literacy class we watched the first 5 minutes of the documentary America The Beautiful. Catchy title right? Wait until you hear the remarks that men, and women make towards other women, and themselves.

Please watch the trailer of this film, I promise you it will change your perception of women in the media, and how you as a women yourself can change that perception.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any" -Alice Walker

We as women have a choice...Please chose to not be just another number, be BOLD, be in POWER!

As I watched this documentary the first thought that came into my mind was about all the little girls and teens that think that this is really how the world has to be. Children are the targets of these adds whether you think so or not. They see how "skinny" and "beautiful" the models are and want to be JUST like them. The reason I put the words skinny and beautiful in quotations is because as we all know, and if you watch the documentary you get to see that how these women look on screen or on a magazine cover is makeup, lighting, and Photoshop. This is all true of course you are trying to become a model, in that case as you hear in the trailer "your health is not an option" or better "if you want to focus on your health go to college." I was heart broken by these statements. Being healthy should be considered beautiful.

Another shocking part of the film is when a reporter is asking a man in office about what the downfall is when you have a women in office...his reply is "you mean besides the PMS and the mood swings?" and when another reporter asks Sara Palin if her breasts are real or not...are these the questions we should be asking about women in power? Absolutely not, and better yet if it were a man would they be asked those questions? Just think about that for a moment. The thing is we as Americans complain every second we get about who is in power and what they are doing wrong, but when we get the chance to ask them hard questions we ask about plastic surgery, and whether or not PMS effects there decision making skills. I mean COME ON!

Women Deserve More!

Please change how this distorted view of women in the media is being portrayed. Stand up, and be the change that we as women deserve. Please do this so that what is shown in this next video can be changed, and women can begin to feel good about themselves and their body image.