Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stepping It Up with Project Based Learning

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In some of my past blogs I have spent a lot of time giving you a detailed outlook of Project Based Learning. I am now returning to give you some more specific details of the benefits and the importance of incorporating Google Applications when using PBLS. 

My goal for this posting is to pursued you and teach you the importance of integrating Google applications into your Project Based Curriculum. 

Project Based Learning is giving students more control of their learning, and giving teachers more useful sources for assessment. 

Project Based does not mean students will be completing a project. There may be some project aspects to the process, but mainly students will be going through the 8 essentials of PBL that I have spoken about in my previous PBL blog posting.

What we do want to accomplish with Project Based learning is the incorporation of google applications and tools as a voice and choice of students learning.

Why should our students use Google Applications?

-The great thing about using google apps for integrating PBL’s is that you are keeping your students content and engagement relevant to their everyday lives. Part of using PBLS means providing students with voice and choice and in depth inquiry to a problem based driving question. By using google apps you are giving students an opportunity to make learning apart of their everyday life and eventually get them to understand the content and take ownership of their projects.

Working smarter not harder! Google Applications
The possibilities are Endless:
-Using google hangouts for face to face connections.
-e-mail for teacher/student communication as well as google chat for instant feedback.
-Google docs. for student collaboration
-Blogger for publication as well as sites and you-tube.
-Calendar for parent/ teacher communications.

Inquiry Tools
21st Century Skills

Google dictionary and Image dictionary
Personal and social responsibility. (Blogs and social media)
Search lesson plans
Planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity. (google calendar)
strong communication skills. (Google hang outs, chats, and Google drive)
Google scholar (search for peer edited articles.)
Cross Cultural understanding
You Tube
Visualizing and decision making
Google earth and Google books
Knowing how and why to use technology.

Appropriate tool usage

A video to give you an idea of how it looks to use Google applications for Project Based Learning. 

My Pedagogical Thinking, and can be yours too...
By using google apps and PBLs I am creating a pedagogy that is relevant to my students. If I am incorporating all of the 8 essentials to PBL and using google technologies than I am stating that my method of teaching is centered around my students learning styles. I am keeping my students engaged in learning by making learning apart of their world, and in turn keeping their education relevant and meaningful.

I hope I have given you ample reasons to not only start using Project Based lessons in your curriculum but to also give students the reins to their education with Google Applications. 

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